Marketing, Product & Business Development executive

Jamie Finn is one of our internationally-renowned speakers at FTE


Jamie Finn is an experienced Marketing, Product & Business Development executive who has worked in 6 countries with startups & corporates.
Jamie has successfully launched new products and businesses in Germany, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, the United Kingdom and America. During his more than 15 years of experience he has participated in over $500m worth of transactions including Kontera, Sansa Security, Jajah, Tokbox, RingRing Media and Zingy.

As SVP of Business Development for Aki Technologies, Jamie works on strategic partnerships and data sourcing for their platform as well as building out the burgeoning publisher network. Aki Technologies is a mobile advertising technology that deciphers the mobile mindset to ensure more appropriate and effective delivery of advertising in apps on mobile devices. Their Moments Engine uses data to find right time and place to deliver the right message to consumers on mobile devices for brands.

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