Josée has worked in senior positions in banking, reinsurance, insurance and consulting over the past 20+ years. She is a recognized industry force and thought leader, pushing the evolution of retirement solutions for corporates and individuals. Her career often put her right in the center of major industry shifts:

As a consultant with Willis Towers Watson in valuing Canadian and US Defined Benefit retirement plans, Josée had a front seat in witnessing the wholesale retreat of major corporations from their risky and capital intensive retirement schemes. Many corporate clients relied on Josée to help them balance their CSR, demographic pressures, and the changes in modern workforce mobility and workplace flexibility, as well as the financial risks residing in their retirement programs.

Josée has experience on both sides of the pond: in France, where she worked for Groupama-GAN, a generous social security system leads to very different positioning of the insurance industry and its products, than in the US. In America, individuals have a strong need to shop for their own retirement and savings product, and the private retirement industry has been going and growing strongly for four decades. There, Josée has worked with reinsurers and insurers, such as Swiss Re, AXA Corporate Solutions and MetLife, as either risk takers or product manufacturers. Josée also worked in the European HNWI market with Nationwide Global in Luxembourg, introducing some of the modern US savings product concepts to various European markets.

Pre 2008, Josée’s roles in banks like BNP Paribas and HSBC involved securitizing non-correlated risks, in particular actuarial risks, which was then a major trend, to provide capital relief for insurers’ balance sheets, and to accelerate industry consolidation.

Today, post crisis, the insurance industry is facing a pressing need to transform and revise the entire life and retirement product value chain, and it still faces the evolving economic, demographic and regulatory constraints. Technology will allow players to tackle these critical challenges, both to meet individual expectations and to appreciate better their risk undertaking. improve their underwriting, enhance their financial reporting and overall administration of policies.

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