CEO, Harbour Pensions Ltd

Justin Caffrey is one of our internationally-renowned speakers at FTE, he is a serial entrepreneur and a coach and consultant.


A successful entrepreneur, coach and consultant with considerable experience delivering projects in the UK, Malta, Ireland, Guernsey, Germany, Gibraltar and Spain. A recognised expert within financial markets, investments, funds, pensions and currencies. Strong technical skills with the ability to develop new systems and business processes in order to meet with changing global regulatory and compliance requirements.

A leader in personal development, business coaching, sales training and a mentor to many entrepreneurs.

After six successful years at a senior level in London in banking, he established his entrepreneurial credentials at the age of 25. As CEO and shareholder of a financial service group he successfully led the team of 150 through the next 7 years until he sold his interest in 2008.

Over the next few years he provided various consultancy services to numerous businesses in the UK. He also joined the Board of a UK Government Company, representing the interests of the UK banking sector, where he served as Chair of the Remuneration and Audit Committees for 6 years.

In 2013 he became the founding shareholder and CEO of The Harbour Group. A multi-jurisdictional pension administrator, administering $300 million of pension assets. Specialising in complex pension structuring, standard trust-based pensions, US expat pensions and European cross-border occupational schemes.

During this period he also established and licensed a specialist image rights / IP fiduciary business which was subsequently sold to a larger global business. In addition, he acquired a distressed pension business in the Channel Islands which he restructured and sold onto a larger corporate.

Caffrey is an avid sportsman with an active involvement in kickboxing, distance running, cycling, hiking and holistic health.

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