Founder and CEO of L3C


Founder and CEO of L3C , digital enterpreneur and Angel investor, Lubomir is a passionate believer that cloud and 3D printing are going to transform the way the world consumes IT and designs and manufacture products, his professional career can be expressed in three words: innovation, growth and value creation.

Creating L3C was driven by his belief that Enterprise class servers combined with the economics of cloud can help large and small organizations improve performance and reduce cost of their aging IT. LinuxOne and open power are providing a great platform for deploying new applications in the digital area in secure, energy efficient, and economic fashion. Some examples are blockchain for financial institutions, image processing, or complex calculations of risk and financial derivatives.

In easy3D we help organizations transition their traditional manufacturing into 3D, helping with design, prototyping and 3D printing. An exciting project is what we call “3Dism” combining art with 3D printing helping create from traditional 2D prints, 3D “pictures”.

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