Founder, Premala Matthen Art Advisory

Premala Matthen is one of our internationally-renowned speakers at FTE


Growing up in family of Art Collectors and living in several countries around the world, Premala was always surrounded by Fine Art of diverse tastes. Fascinated with markets, Premala studied Economic History at LSE, and later worked in Equities at J.P. Morgan, before finding her way back to her roots, her passions, and of course, the Art Market.

Premala is now involved with a number of projects within the Art World including writing and speaking on the Art Market, helping individuals and institutions place and source important works of art, helping artists to find new platforms and audiences, consulting on various art investment initiatives, raising money for philanthropic, and more.

Premala is particularly interested in the evolution of the Art Market and how technology and liquidity can drive the opening of this opaque insider market at increasing speed. A new focus for Premala is structuring Art-backed loans. As the Art Market becomes more liquid, it follows the trajectory of other markets, and is a fascinating space for analysis and participation.

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