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Reinhold Karner is one of our internationally-renowned speakers at FTE


Reinhold M. Karner (aka RMK) b. 1958 – living in Austria (Tyrol), Malta and London – is a Business Success Advisor and “safety belt” to entrepreneurs, business leaders and Government Authorities as well as leveraging his unequalled international network as a mentor for start-ups.

He has a unique, very successful but eventful 360° track record spanning a 40 year career including as a bootstrapping multinational entrepreneur (with a few hundred employees and several thousands in his network of business partners), founder and co-investor. Both personally and through his companies and products, he has received numerous awards and accolades from ‘IT entrepreneur of the year’ to ‘best of the best management consultants’ and ‘shooting star and best scores of all of Austria’s leading companies’ etc.

RMK chairs and is a fellow or member of think tanks working with the RSA in London and several advisory bodies and juries. A science journalist and expert author (digital media), he writes prolifically on entrepreneurship, the economy, digitisation & IT, high-tech and futurology. RMK is in strong demand as a keynote speaker in his areas of expertise and is a renowned lecturer on the art of successful failing.

These activities reflect an accumulation of profound expertise and experience in ICT, digital economy, business and management consulting, manufacturing, services, logistics, trade, retail, e-biz, financial services and tourism among others. RMK has worked with hundreds of SME clients and international corporations implementing complex strategic and organisational changes, business process re-engineering, ICT and digital projects across a wide range from macro to individual micro/detailed aspects.

Together with his team, RMK is regarded as one of the “midwives” to the leading programming language Java and subsequently developed Europe’s very first ground-breaking comprehensive Internet, cloud and Java-compliant ERP business software suite which continues its market success. In the process, he and his team invented several key ICT architectures which are still today’s standards.

RMK’s motto: “To be successful isn’t the problem. But to achieve enduring success is! To be sustainably successful is a great art, a perpetual challenge which follows its own rules and realities. Memento mori! ©”

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