Xander van der Heijden

Beeyond Owner

Xander van der Heijden is one of our internationally-renowned speakers at FTE, serial entrepreneur and venture mentor


Xander van der Heijden is a serial entrepreneur and venture mentor. Xander started his first software development / Internet company – Beeyond, back in 1995, while he was still a bachelor student at the European University in The Hague, the Netherlands. At Beeyond, he created and patented InterLingua™ – a pioneering cloud technology in the areas of electronic data communications, database organized, flexible format electronic data message management, client-server and distributed software applications. Xander also made first steps into building a VR engine but at the time he was too far ahead of the curve.

Xander is from a generation that grew up in a fully analog world and experienced firsthand its transition to digital. He understands the complexity that comes with this transition and the inherent necessity of creating a bridge between all generations — from baby boomers to tech-savvy millennials. Late 2000’s, Xander was asked to join Exact – a traditional ERP public software company, that at a time it was in the middle of transformation from an analog to a digital enterprise. His role was to broaden their horizon towards a cloud proposition, to help them understand better the needs of entrepreneurs and to build a community around Exact Online products.

Along the years Xander has helped numerous startups to grow into their potential and become global companies. As an entrepreneur himself, he has always been intrigued by the VC industry in the US and has been looking to discover the formula for its success. He believes that the European VC industry needs to undergo some drastic changes to have the chance to compete with US venture capitalists – a vision he shares with Julie Meyer.

Xander is now the founder and CEO of 2SQRS – a human tech company that helps companies unlock their digital potential, enabling them to create the next generation of digital solutions. He is also a founding partner of Ecosystem Economics Investment Platform – EU’s first pan European investment platform, where 2SQRS Venture Fund is the first fund to be launched.

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