IMF Says Malta one of the Fastest Growing Economies in the EU

Malta is one of fastest-growing economies in Europe, a report by the International Monetary Fund’s executive board has declared in a conclusion of its Article IV consultations.

The board said Malta had shown sound macroeconomic policies that had contributed to strong economic performance, robust job creation, low unemployment, and improved public finances… read more on Malta Today.

Malta ranked 7th best place In Europe for LGBT workers

Malta is the seventh-best European country for LGBT workers to live in, according to a study by French employment agency Expert Market.

The report writers reviewed various legal and social factors directly affecting the LGBT population, including non-discrimination legislation and policies, workplace legislation, fair housing measures for LGBT, tolerance indices, as well as several job-related indicators such as the unemployment rate, and the average monthly disposable income in reaching their conclusions.

36 Hours in Malta – with The New York Times

Malta contains multitudes. Despite being the smallest member of the European Union, the Mediterranean archipelago below Sicily bears traces of numerous peoples and conquerors: Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Spanish, French and, most notably, the European crusader knights known as the Order of Malta. Preachers (St.Paul), painters (Caravaggio) and politicians (Napoleon) have washed up on the rocky sun-roasted shores and left marks too… continue reading on the New York Times site.

The Mediterranean’s Best Kept Secret

Fierce knights, ancient cities, gorgeous swimming spots and the odd tortured genius: why Malta is the Mediterranean’s secret hot spot.

On the tiny island of Malta, it is easy to forget where you are. Sit in one of its sunny piazzas overlooking a baroque church, and you might think you are in Italy. Cruise along a coastal road, past pretty fishing ports washed by aquamarine waters, and it feels a lot like Croatia. Wander through Roman ruins or down the narrow streets of Arab-influenced towns, and you could be in Spain.
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Follow the Entrepreneur’s top 10 top 10s

For such a small place, there’s  a lot that’s written online about Malta. We have scoured the internet for some of the best, and present below our top 10 list of the best top 10s.

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The strategic importance of Malta

In the run up to Dialogue‘s interview with global business pioneer Julie Meyer, she discusses the strategic importance of Malta – the tiny Mediterranean island from which she is connecting tech startups with big capital.

Testimonials from FTE 2016 UK

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