The 3,000-to-1 shot

Julie Meyer has achieved more in her lifetime than most people can even dream of – so she started her own country

So this is where it’s at. Malta. While a bitterly easterly wind refrigerates our mutual home city of London, I finally track Julie Meyer down to the tiny island nation in the southern Mediterranean Sea. It’s early February when we speak and I’d assumed she’d be in the Alps. “Oh no! I’m originally from California, I don’t like to be cold,” she says. “Here, I can go out without any nylons on. It was 20 degrees yesterday. I’ll do anything for this kind of weather.”

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9 Great Venues For Jazz In Malta

Jazz is one of those genres that will never really go away. And now that we’re approaching the hundred year anniversary since the roaring 20s, there seems to have an even bigger revival of the sound, with various jazz-inspired artists and jazz-centric venues sprouting up around Malta. Here are seven of the best…read more on

The strategic importance of Malta

In the run up to Dialogue‘s interview with global business pioneer Julie Meyer, she discusses the strategic importance of Malta – the tiny Mediterranean island from which she is connecting tech startups with big capital.

Here’s What €5 To €500,000 Will Buy You In Malta

If you’re visiting Malta for the first time you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by its relative affordability. From transport, to cocktails, to a brand new nationality – we’ve put a price on everything.

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Testimonials from FTE 2016 UK

Secure Your Seat at Follow The Entrepreneur 2018 in Malta