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Softbank Acquisitions – Cambridge graduates’ tech firm raises $500m

A five-year old British virtual reality startup, co-founded by Cambridge computer science graduates, has been valued at more than $1bn after raising $502m (£390m) from Japan’s SoftBank.

The investment, in London-based firm Improbable, is thought to be the largest ever investment made in a fledgling European tech firm.

Improbable uses cloud-based computing to create virtual worlds for use in games as well as large-scale simulations of the real world.

The business was co-founded in 2012 by Herman Narula, 29, and Rob Whitehead, 26, who met while studying computer science at Cambridge University, and Peter Lipka, 28, an Imperial College graduate who worked at Goldman Sachs prior to launching Improbable.

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The Guardian – Valletta’s Subterranean Secrets

When Albert Dimech recognised us, rather than introducing himself, he simply said: “Follow me.”

Dimech had asked the artist Leanne Wijnsma and me to meet him in the centre of Valletta, Malta’s capital city and the European capital for culture in 2018. Wijnsma had been commissioned by the Valletta 2018 foundation to create a piece of artwork about the city’s subterranean world, and Dimech was our point of contact… read more on The Guardian.

9 Apps Every Maltese Person Should Be Using

We’ve come up with 9 apps, ready for download, that will soon become a part of your daily life.

1. Maltese Dictionary (Android & iOS)

No matter how good your Maltese is, you’re going to run into a couple of words that you can’t quite understand, be it when talking to some older folks or reading something technical. This free app is the result of a collaboration between the Malta Communications Authority… read more on

These Gorgeous Valletta Airbnbs Will Have You Booking Your Maltese Holiday Instantly

Airbnb has redefined the meaning of home-away-from-home, and these Valletta properties take that new definition up more than a few notches.

The capital is the perfect place for visitors to stay in Malta. It’s packed with cultural activities, easily the best restaurants in Malta, and its transport links will take you whenever you need to go on the island.

So here’s a few beautiful places that are up for grabs in the city via Airbnb… read more on

IMF Says Malta one of the Fastest Growing Economies in the EU

Malta is one of fastest-growing economies in Europe, a report by the International Monetary Fund’s executive board has declared in a conclusion of its Article IV consultations.

The board said Malta had shown sound macroeconomic policies that had contributed to strong economic performance, robust job creation, low unemployment, and improved public finances… read more on Malta Today.

It’s Official! These Are The Best 40 Restaurants In Malta

Remember when we asked you to vote for your favourite restaurants? Well, the results are now in. The Definitive(ly) Good Guide yesterday unveiled its 2017 restaurant compilation with an awards ceremony, shortlisting the 40 best restaurants in Malta.

And these are them…

The 3,000-to-1 shot

Julie Meyer has achieved more in her lifetime than most people can even dream of – so she started her own country

So this is where it’s at. Malta. While a bitterly easterly wind refrigerates our mutual home city of London, I finally track Julie Meyer down to the tiny island nation in the southern Mediterranean Sea. It’s early February when we speak and I’d assumed she’d be in the Alps. “Oh no! I’m originally from California, I don’t like to be cold,” she says. “Here, I can go out without any nylons on. It was 20 degrees yesterday. I’ll do anything for this kind of weather.”

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These Luxurious St. Julian’s Airbnbs Are Perfect For A Maltese Bucket List

The Airbnb craze has taken the whole world by storm, and these last couple of months have seen some beautiful Maltese properties take center-stage.

While Valletta has some gorgeous Airbnbs (as is to be expected from the capital city), St. Julian’s is also bringing the heat when it comes to luxury homes-away-from-home. Here are seven properties that will have you reconsidering wherever you’re staying… read more on

Malta ranked 7th best place In Europe for LGBT workers

Malta is the seventh-best European country for LGBT workers to live in, according to a study by French employment agency Expert Market.

The report writers reviewed various legal and social factors directly affecting the LGBT population, including non-discrimination legislation and policies, workplace legislation, fair housing measures for LGBT, tolerance indices, as well as several job-related indicators such as the unemployment rate, and the average monthly disposable income in reaching their conclusions.

9 Great Venues For Jazz In Malta

Jazz is one of those genres that will never really go away. And now that we’re approaching the hundred year anniversary since the roaring 20s, there seems to have an even bigger revival of the sound, with various jazz-inspired artists and jazz-centric venues sprouting up around Malta. Here are seven of the best…read more on

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