Follow The Entrepreneur

 Investor Summit 2018

The Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit is the community founded by Julie Meyer 8 years ago to embody her vision of the entrepreneur at the heart of society. As she says, ‘Capital Follows Ideas; Always Has, Always Will.’

Julie’s friends, shareholders, clients and portfolio companies have graced the stage sharing their visions of the Future of Banking, Civil Service, Food, Genomics, Health, Security, Service, TV, Travel, and other arenas.

She will be joined with her new business partners in Dubrovnik, Croatia this year from the 7th to the 10th of October to continue the pilgrimage and campaign to Follow The Entrepreneur.

This year’s event is global not just European. We will have 300 investors from Dubai, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Zurich in Dubrovnik.

Among endless networking opportunities, you’ll enjoy an eventful four days at the Hotel Croatia, flown in by Jung Sky. From breakfast through after-dinner cocktails, we’re going to make sure every day in Croatia’s jewel of the Dalmatian Riviera leaves you with a head full of new ideas and a whole host of opportunities.

If you are looking for ideas on where to allocate your capital, we invite you to contact us for an invitation to join us at the Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit 2018.

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