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Here is what some of our previous delegates and speakers have to say about Follow The Entrepreneur.

Aylon Morley (Wentworth Hall Family Office)

“I thought the FTE conference was of real value. High caliber attendees and well organized. Julie Meyer and her team do a great service to Malta and the entrepreneurial community as a whole.”

Claire Camilleri (AID Compliance)

“The event was an enjoyable experience and very good networking opportunity. This was also an excellent opportunity for Malta reconfirming this country as the EU digital economy and platform for entrepreneurs.”  

Justin Caffrey (Harbour Pensions Ltd)

“Well done, Julie and the team—it was a truly global event within the capital of the Mediterranean. It is inspiring to see what can be achieved with such a rich tapestry of talent centered in one place and built around the entrepreneur. This was the genesis of a movement and a vibe that will inspire others to pursue excellence.”

Anastasia Andrianova (New Venture)

“FTE Summit fused the rich historical and diplomatic legacy of Malta with new thinking, bringing together a global cohort of entrepreneurs, investors, thinkers into what is set to become one of the important annual events of the European venture ecosystem. Look out for FTE 2018!”

 James Ashforth-Pook (S4 Tech Ventures)

“I met an amazing breadth of knowledgeable entrepreneurs and heard some very inspiring stories from those in the investor community. I’m looking forward to attending this event in the future”

Michael Moszynski (LONDON Advertising)

“The summit brought together global leaders in investment and digital transformative businesses in the delightful environment of Malta and is the most productive event I have attended in a very long time, if not ever.”

Premala Matthen (Matthen Art Advisory)

“I cannot find enough praise for Julie’s fantastic FTE Investor Summit as well as the Pre-Summit agenda. Not only ground-breaking top-tier content and cutting-edge idea exchange, but also a chance to discover the beauty, history, and dynamism of gorgeous Malta. Malta’s future is as an Innovator’s Utopia, not least due to the rare combination of EU membership and tax advantage.”

Safeer Bashir (The Longest Stay)

“Julie has done a great job bringing together this wonderful and talented group of people. The conference focused on allowing us to share our own experiences. Ariadne did an amazing job of illustrating the potential that Malta has to grow economically. It has sun, sea, and people who are thinking one step ahead.

Kerstin Ancilleri (Exante)

“The event did a fantastic job of promoting Malta and its positive attributes. It’s strategically located to help business economically, financially, and politically. Also, the FTE summit was the perfect way to connect entrepreneurial minds together, encourage each other, and promote innovation and business success throughout various sectors.”

Henrik Piski (Puurl NV)

“This served as a great avenue for meeting International investors and entrepreneurs from a variety of different backgrounds.

Sarah Luksic (Amagis Capital)

“The event was really well organized. The venue was beautiful and the conference really focused on the importance of entrepreneurship in a constantly changing ecosystem. Superb job.”

Emanuele Francioni (2SQRS)

“The capability of bringing so many people from different industries and sectors is quite impressive. It was eye-opening to hear what direction the capital world is headed in. Many of the speakers have deep knowledge in their field, so we had the opportunity to hear from some of the best.”

Richard Parris

“This conference was immensely valuable. The conference did a great job of showcasing all that Malta has to offer, I was impressed with the opportunity for networking between tech companies, investors, and entrepreneurs. I’ve got a lot to follow up on when I get home.”

Xander van der Heijden (2SQRS)

“I was impressed by the shared vision between investors and entrepreneurs, particularly about the ECO2 platform. We were able to schedule many follow-up meetings after this conference—I guess you can say we’ve reached our goal!”

 Garvan Keating (CountryProfiler)

“The FTE Summit was a well put together event. It featured a variety of interesting topics, there was something for everyone. The event gave every one of us a little something to think about in the future.”

Antonio Giannino (Amagis Capital)

“Ariadne Capital brought entrepreneurs from every corner of the world to Malta. The conference allowed us to not only learn about how business is evolving, but make life-long contacts.”

 Xandru Grech (Iniala)

“This has been a fantastic experience. I did the whole Pre-Summit & Summit, and it was an amazing networking experience. It was amazing meeting the different Davids and Goliaths around the room. The summit has opened my eyes to many new ideas that I would like to use to re-map my own business.”

Janice Mercieca

“These past two days were really fascinating, to say the least. I met some extremely interesting people with amazing stories. The success of the summit this year proves that it should repeat itself next year”

Maria Galea (Marie Gallery5)

“An outstanding informative networking experience, which has created a platform of collaborations and investments worldwide.”

Florence Anglès (REYL & Cie Ltd)

“The summit is an entrepreneur’s dream which offers the opportunity to discover tomorrow’s next big ideas and technologies. Furthermore, it brings me back fondly to the time I was 15 when I stayed a month with a Maltese family, which allowed me to rediscover the island in a different light.”

Scott Mortman

“The conference covered a wide range of subjects—offering something for everyone—and was informative and engaging. An excellent reason to visit Malta and meet interesting people from all over the world.”

Sherry Roberts (The Longest Stay)

“Never in Europe has there been such an event for entrepreneurs that allows you to essentially jog (Pre-summit events) to prepare for the race (Summit) to close the best deal for your business. The combination of world class speakers, content, networking, and fun is not to be missed.”

Andreas Wil Gerdes

“FTE Reminded the world of Malta, being the natural capital of the Greater Mediterranean, a United Nations Hot-Spot, and one of the best places to brainstorm, to connect, and to test new business models.”

Monica Regazzi (Homepal)

“Arrived a bit skeptical, as I was not familiar with this summit and with Malta. I have been absolutely amazed by the extremely high level of the speakers, the passion, the commitment, the strong feeling of belonging to the network I perceived during the two days. On top of this I went back home with three concrete business opportunities in Malta and beyond, which I frankly did not expect.”

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